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I wonder…

If all that has happened has been a misunderstanding. After being home the other week and seeing some old friends, I can’t seem to understand how some other one’s could either: 1) Cut me out of their lives, 2) Treat me and things that are most precious to me the way they did, and 3) Be so unjustifiably mean and/or hateful. It’s sad to think about, and while I’m doing great with my new life, I don’t like wondering. I wish things could have been different and sometimes I even wish things could be salvaged. But I honestly don’t know. I’m thankful to have the love and support of people who did and do stick by me no matter what. I love my friends, family, and especially my husband. I’m so blessed with what he’s brought to my life. I just wish more people could see and understand that.

I have this same reaction when my hubbub surprises me buy coming to walk with me after a class :)